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Product Manufacturing

Manufacture My Product will assist you through the entire process from initial samples through to delivery....

Manufacture My Product is an Australian based company offering manufacturing assistance to anyone wanting to create their own range of textile products.  WE ARE NOW AN AGENT we represent many of China's. Bangladesh, India's and Vietnams largest manufacturers.

Manufacture My Product specialises in sports & active wear, kid, and children's clothing, ladies & men's wear. Jackets and winter apparel, swimwear, underwear, formal and casual clothing. We also manufacture bedding, linen, towels and bathroom products
Design your own range to your own specific requirements.

Manufacture My Product assists our clients with all aspects of the manufacturing process.

* Initial Tailored Quotes for each client based on pictures, designs, fabric, and size of your requirements

*Contracting and Payment (50% Upfront & 50% On Shipping)

* Fabric Selection including sourcing readily available fabrics as well as manufacturing exclusive materials to suit the client's requirements.

*   SAMPLES We provide samples. Different Countries have different sample processes.

CHINA - No Samples Upfront
Bangladesh, India, Vietnam and Pakistan all offer QUALITY samples prior to signing the contract. (These samples are to prove quality only and are based on a similar design to your request NOT exact)

After you go ahead, we spend time and money dying fabrics, pattern making, size grading and printing swing tags, clothing tags and sizes labels for your samples. In fact, we spend the 1st 4 weeks on any transaction talking to you about your specific designs. When we send the samples they should be so close to accurate because we have worked one on one with you to ensure we get all the details from you and work with you to ensure we get these right first time.
BUT if it’s NOT right this is ok. We keep working with you until you are 100% happy with the samples….after all, samples are exactly that … SAMPLES to be changed!! We have no restrictions on our client's changes or the number of changes.   
We will keep going until it is correct and your 100% happy with your designs and approve the final samples for bulk production.

This will guarantee you are happy with your production! As we cannot manufacture your garment without you final approval – it’s a partnership.
*Labelling, Tags & Packaging is all included in our tailored costs. We will use your own unique designs labels, clothing tags, swing tags and care labels.
*Shipping, GST  & Customs


It generally takes 7 to 12 weeks from signing the contract to shipping.

Manufacture My Product partners with the best international and national suppliers in the business and will assist you every step of the way!

Manufacturing & Importing: 

Manufacture My Product can help you every step of the way and we have a couple of points to have a think about before starting…

  • Minimum Numbers for each product with Manufacture My Product is for clothing:  is around 200 units of each style and each colour .  (Please check with us as each manufacturer has a different MOQ. Lower MOQs attract a higher price) This is so low compared to our friendly competitors and other manufacturing plants in other destinations. This low MOQ makes it affordable for individuals to design multiple items and build their own range. Within the MOQ of 200 yes we are happy to mix sizes!  (MOQ's are different for some products including but not limited to: shoes, underwear, caps, having your own fabric made for your product, shoelaces,  hair accessories, socks, scarfs, luggage and other items)

  • Think about fabrics. Do some research on your favourite items and what they are made of.  We have been manufacturing clothing and textiles for many years and will always make suggestions and send you samples to touch, feel and see prior to manufacturing your clothing. We will source readily available fabrics for you. With 1000's of fabric manufacturers in most countries, we have access to the best quality fabrics for your products. If you are manufacturing your own fabric the MOQ is around  400 units.

  • Having your OWN fabrics Made -   Manufacturing your own fabric is a great way to ensure you have a unique product. Have a look at www.shuttlestock.com and check out all the latest 'seamless patterns" there are over 52,000 of them!! If we manufacture your own fabric for you we need to do over 400 units per fabric so eg. 200 x dress & 200 x skirt = total 400 units each fabric.
  • Think about design & cuts and get as many pictures as you can. Make sure your own designs are your own. Colour, style, prints make up any part of your design. 

  • Do I need a pattern or professionally drawn designs? No, we can send you a design template which you can put drawings, photos descriptions, and information for us to be able to put together a tailored quote.  We have patterns for MOST items and if not we can create a pattern for your product.

  • Make sure you have enough funds to pay up front for the products. All manufacturers need to be paid prior to getting your stock. Our payment arrangements are generally 50% deposit paid on signing of the contract & 50% on shipment date.  We work in $US as we work across the globe. 

  • GST - Are you GST registered? You must be able to pay the GST component of the goods when they land in Australia, even if this is a hobby and you are NOT registered for GST.  Paying GST on imported goods: The Australian Customs and Border Protection Service (ACBPS) collects GST on taxable importations. The GST payable is 10% of the value of the taxable importation.  Generally, GST is payable before the goods are released by ACBPS. If you are not registered under the deferred GST scheme then the GST is payable at the same time, at the same place, and in the same manner, as you would customs duty (or would be payable if the goods are subject to customs duty).   This is the ATO Australian Government link GST and Importing 
  • Duty - Customs  - all goods imported into Australia by sea, air or post with a customs value that exceeds $1000.00 must be cleared by submitting a completed import declaration form (B650) and paying duty, goods and services tax (GST) and other taxes and charges that apply. As a Guestimate, we normally allow about 5% of the total cost of Duty. Please ensure you get a quote from our Customs & Transport Agent and know the exact amount of your Customs prior to shipping.   This is the Australia Border Government Website in relation to paying duty.

  •  Timing: From quoting to getting your goods I would allow 3 to 4 months (12 to 16 weeks). Once the contract is signed it is 12 weeks from samples to shipping (then allow 3-6 weeks for shipping from the manufacturing country to your location) 

Manufacture My Product can help from the start of the initial Quotation, right through until you have your products in your hands. We don’t charge additional fees as we are paid by our manufacturers to assist our clients (which is rare in Australia). 

Commonly Asked Questions
We always get lots of questions from our client so I have put the answers to a few popular questions below and also given you a general overview (below) of our company below. Yell at any time if you have any additional questions or queries.
Q: Are your Factories Certified?
A: Absolutely yes. Our factories hold the following certifications:
Skilled Trade Certifications (electrical, tool and die, etc)
Quality Certification (ASQ)
Logistics Certification (APICS, ISM)Health and Safety Certification (OSHA)

You can be sure you are working with a company that upholds and maintains the highest of standard across the board, to not only ensure you will get the best possible products but our team of staff and plant operators are looked after above the industry standard.
Q: I wish to know if you can assist with:
- Embroidery, Printing and Suppling the labels and/or tags on the clothing
 A: Absolutely Yes. Printing & embroidery is so popular we are able to do this for you in one spot as part of the manufacturing process. Clothing labels, care labels, and swing tags are all included in our quotes as well but personalised for your businesses requirements.
Q: How does shipping and transport work?
A: We quote FOB (Cost on Board) and then we use a customs agent and transport company to manage the shipping and customs process. I have been using the same firm for 8 years and they have complete control and can advise and any second of the day where your shipment is located and the exact cost of importing it in Australia. Using our customs and transport agent will also ensure you get the best cost for your requirements.
QIf you supply all of the fabrics? How?
A: Yes. If you can send pictures and fabric requirements and blends we will either source the required fabric or manufacture the fabric if it’s not readily available for you. With 1000’s of fabric manufacturers in all countries, we are generally able to source what our clients are looking for. If not, we will manufacture and print it ourselves exclusively for you. (we recommend for smaller orders using fabrics readily available to save on cost and quality)
Q: What products you do, and don't do?
A: Anything textiles is fine. Clothing, linen, shoes, luggage, canvas products speciality sports equipment. So far….. we haven’t found anything we haven’t be able to do that isn’t made out of fabric.

Please feel free to call me anytime on 0417 078 073 when you are ready to move forward or if you have any further questions or queries. 

Looking forward to assisting you ‘getting your own products made!

Catie Mars
Manufacture My Product
E: enquiries@manufacturemyproduct.com