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About Manufacture My Product


‘Helping  Business’ building their own Brand’

Over 9 years ago I made the decision to open my own kid's clothing brand as I wanted to work for myself and design my own products. I also had a driven passion to work for myself.

What I didn’t realise then was how hard it was going to be to find a manufacturing partner, who offered the highest quality whilst manufacturing my designs but also helping me by suggesting better methods, more cost-effective options and reassuring me with my first shipment.

I will admit, it took me 3 years of research, samples, travel, discussions, teleconferences and meetings to finally find a couple of wonderful partners. My manufacturers supported my dreams with encouragement, flexibility and constant clever suggestions.

Originally called Duckids Manufacturing, Manufacture My Product has been achieving success for over 5 years and still growing. But the question I always got asked in my own kid's clothing company was ‘How did you find your supplier’ or Where can I get my own designs manufactured?.  It took me a long time to find my manufacturer in China, but I adored her and want to share this experience with other small business' in the hope we can all succeed. BUT we have also grown and realised clients are looking for other alternatives. So now Manufacture My Product represents over 40 manufacturers in 6 Countries, all specialising in different products and techniques - so our clients have different options!

I also hope by using a local contact (me & my team) located in Australia, who you can speak to at any moment  about your manufacturing requirements, procedures and the entire process, we can help you lower the risk of purchasing these designs from unknown sources (somewhere else around the world) and give you just a little more security before you make such a large investment in your business.

Our Manufacturing Partners:

Our partner manufacturers are a modern apparel solution companies in China, Bangladesh, India, Vietnam and also Pakistan, all specialising in manufacturing different products. They provide quality products and service for our customers around the world including Europe, USA, Australia and South/North America. 

With nearly 12 years of experience in the textile business, our efficient systems and dedicated workforce have the ability to meet the requirements of all our international buyers through competitive pricing, good quality and timely delivery in today's highly competitive, time-sensitive, and price-conscious market. 

We guarantee that you will get not only a strong supplier but will also build wonderful partnerships for the life in business. 

Our Manufacturing Advantages:

Certifications of our manufacturers are a MUST. We spend months researching our manufacturing partners to ensure they comply with industry and world wide standards. We visit as well as also sending in independent inspectors to ensure the certifications and standards are met, before doing business. This will ensure you are always using a 100% compliant and certified manufacturer.

Our factories can manufacture all kinds of textile products using different factories all with different techniques and different procedures. Our factories can cater from plastics to fabrics and will produce all kinds of products including apparel, linen, promotional products & bedding and luggage.

We ensure fast sample making and always use DHL/FedEx for clients sample delivery to ensure our contracted shipping dates are met. 
"Manufacture My Product has been a business lifesaver and brought my product to life without stress. When I first started my business, finding a manufacturer was definitely the most daunting task. I am forever grateful that I found Manufacture My Product and got to work with Catie. They made the entire process simple and stress-free. My requests and needs were looked after to their best ability, and Catie was the best support throughout the process. I highly recommend Manufacture My Product to anyone starting their business journey in apparel."

Sheri-Lee Pulse
Director | Cultural Bubs